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Empleada de Hogar Interna

Live-in Housekeepers


Our domestic agency can present you highly skilled live-in domestic workers anywhere Spain. Our selected housekeepers are proficient at various domestic tasks, ensuring top-notch domestic service with proven experience and references.


Proven experiences and references

Our live-in domestic helpers possess extensive experience in a wide range of domestic duties, including cooking, cleaning, ironing, and overall household maintenance. In some cases, they are also trained in childcare or eldercare, providing comprehensive support that meets the highest standards.


Social Security and Salary

The cost of social security for the employer per month is approximately 292 Euros.The recent rise in the national minimum wage to 1,134 euros per month in 2024 has involved a significant impact on the sector. 


Labor Rights and Benefits

 In Spain, live-in housekeepers enjoy the following labor rights:

  • 36 hours of weekly rest.

  • Two extra payments per year.

  • One month of paid vacation.

  • Provision of food and accommodation.

  • They need to be registered in the Spanish Social Security services and hold formal employment contracts.


CareHogar: Domestic Staffing Agency

At our domestic agency, we are committed to providing top-quality solutions for your live-in household needs. We focus on matching your requirements with the expertise of domestic workers to ensure a seamless fit.

Our guarantee encompasses the provision of up to 3 free replacements within the 1st year, demonstrating our dedication to ensuring your tranquility.


If you're seeking a reliable live-in housekeeper anywhere in Spain, don't hesitate to reach out to us. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your household needs.

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