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Welcome to CareHogar, we are a domestic staffing agency, recruiting high-level domestic staff tailored to the needs of both national and international clients.

Why to choose CareHogar as your Domestic Staffing Agency?


  1. No Upfront Fees: Pay once the job is done and enjoy a 3-day trial to ensure you're happy with the employee.

  2. Written guarantee of up to 2 replacements.

  3. We only select housekeepers with prven references.

  4. Agency accredited by the national employment system


  1. We speak English and Spanish.

  2. Extensive experience in serving both national and international clients.

  3.  Our administrative provider can take care of the paperwork at a special rate. Check here their rates.

  4. We select live-in housekeepers to work in different European countries.

Our way of Working

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