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Empleada de Hogar

Live-Out Housekeepers


At our domestic agency, we meticulously select domestic workers as if they were to work in our own homes. We focus on connecting families with experienced and trustworthy live out housekeepers who seamlessly adapt to the specific needs of each household, offering flexible and high-quality services.


Experience and Adaptability

Our extensive database comprises live-out domestic workers with a diverse array of skills and experience in tasks such as cleaning, laundry, cooking, and overall household care. Many of them are also trained in childcare and assisting the seniors, ensuring they provide comprehensive and adaptable services.


Trustworthy Guarantee: Live out Housekeepers anywhere in Spain.

We stand by the quality of our services with a guarantee of up to 3 replacements, ensuring peace of mind for our clients. Furthermore, we only charge our fee once the domestic helper has started to work, emphasizing our commitment to customer satisfaction and confidence in our recruitment process.


Salary and Working Conditions

Following the recent adjustment of the minimum wage in 2024, live-out domestic housekeepers receive compensation that aligns at least with the National Minimum Wage of 1134 Euros per month in 14 payments at minimum. Additionally, Securing a formal employment contract and registering with social security are essential steps. Our domestic agency can simplify this process by connecting you with our trusted administrative service provider to handle the paperwork.


CareHogar: Domestic Service Agency

We are committed to delivering top-tier live out housekeepers in Spain. We prioritize offering tailored solutions that perfectly align with the dynamics and requirements of each family.

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