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Cuidadora de Niños



At CareHogar, we are specialists in delivering professional childcare services across Spain, prioritizing the safety and well-being of your children above all else. Our meticulous selection process for babysitters ensures that only nannies with proven experience and impeccable references are presented to our clients.


Experienced Babysitters

Our domestic agency selects home babysitters with an extensive experience in childcare who create a safe environment where your children can play, learn, and thrive under attentive and skilled supervision.


Child Care Services: Adaptability and Convenience

With a wide network of babysitters across Spain, our domestic agency adapts to diverse family needs and schedules, providing only nannies with proven references who seamlessly integrate into your home and routines.


Engaging Activities Led by Babysitters

Our childminders are equipped to lead a variety of enriching activities that not only ensure the safety and care of children but also foster their development. These activities may include:


  • Educational games to stimulate creativity and cognitive skills.

  • Artistic pursuits like drawing and crafts to encourage self-expression.

  • Storytelling sessions to nurture language skills and a love for reading.

  • Outdoor play to promote physical activity and exploration.

  • Homework assistance to reinforce learning.

  • Establishing daily routines encompassing meals and grooming to instill healthy habits.


CareHogar's Pledge to Child Care Excellence

At CareHogar, we are committed to ensuring that the nannies provided by our agency not only meet but exceed parents' expectations in childcare. Contact us to discover how we can connect you with a reliable babysitter.

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